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March through April Artist Show at APCC

Featuring artist Cuong Q. Nguyen from Vietnam

Please join us in welcoming the artist on March 18th at 11 am. 
Light refreshments will be served. 

Passionate photography over fifteen years, mainly on Social documentary, Nature, Flower/Macro

Place of birth: Vietnam, South East Asia

Through device, techniques, and heart I would like show aspects of our lives.

In my art, I take daily live, natural object and express through light, colors, and shapes the feelings it evokes within me.

I am inspired by the sense of peace nature imparts, and hope to convey the tranquil awe and healing I've experienced through the therapeutic power of art.


APCC January through February Artists Show

Soojeong (Crystal) Shin

Art showing from December 26, 2016 through February 24, 2017

Crystal was born and grew up in Seoul, Korea. She moved to Seattle where she found her love for nature and botanical art. Crystal is especially drawn to capturing the intricate details and splendid colors in flowers, and nature, which fills her with an appreciation for the beauty that each subject has, and gratitude to the one who created it. She likes to work on achieving color intensity and fine details with a delicate but vivid touch. Crystal uses Crystal's favorite mediums are color pencil and watercolor, but recently she has been developing her skills of black and white mediums like pen and ink, and graphite as well.

Crystal is now privileged working at the University of Washington Herbarium at Burke Museum for their Flora project, which is revising the well-known plant identification guidebook, “Flora of Pacific Northwest”, as a primary botanical illustrator. It has been three years since she has started working for the project, and it is upon its completion in few months.

She graduated from the Natural Science Illustration certificate course at the University Washington. Also, she has studied botanical watercolor painting with instructor, Kathleen McKeehen at Gage Academy of Art, and with many prestigious botanical artists from other states and countries thru various workshops.

Crystal hopes her work opens people's eyes to a deeper appreciation for the authentic beauty of nature that each creature carries in its form and color. 
You can contact Crystal Shin at:


APCC November thru December Artists Show

These two months, we are promoting oil, watercolor, and Chinese Gongbi Art painting students at the APCC.

Join us for the artist reception, Thursday, November 17, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM at Asia Pacific Cultural Center.

Oil Painting class: Every Monday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor Chun Myong Suk Sweet graduated University in Korea, and then came to US in 1987. She has been teaching oil painting classes through APCC for the past 3 years.  She now lives in Fife.  If you are interested in taking her class, please
contact: 253-353-5060

Soungeun An
Hae Kyung Kim
Ya Hee Johnson
Jesook Kim
Song Woo Chan
Sam Bong
Myong Suk Sweet

Watercolor and Chinese Gongbi Class: Every Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor Patsy Surh O'Connell, a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Women Painters of WA.  She lived and traveled through Asia Pacific Countries before settling in WA 1985. She is the founder of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, and has been teaching water media art classes for the past 40 years. She lives in Gig Harbor.  If you would like to take her class, please contact: 253-226-2742

Sidney Zylstra
Linda Walz
Margie Bicknell
Denise MacDonald
Lana Parker

Lara Herrmann
Sun Hee Watkins
Jade Choe
Monique Guzek


Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association Art Show. September 9th - October 28th.  Join us for the artists reception September 4th, 1 pm - 4 pm.

Participating Artists:

Kristy Wang

Xue-Zhi Wang

Noriko Fukui

Edward Lee

Jian LI

Bill Chen

Maggie Ho

Ben Ho

Ying-Zhang He

Anita Woo

Karen Yuen

Khung Duong

Amanda Wong

Zoulie Deng

Kenneth Tao

Hong-Duan Yang

Ricky Yip

Wendy Zhai

Shu-Yun Liu

Jin Yun

Ching Ma 

Zhenshing Liu

Shou Zhang

Zhi-Xian Ren

Syvia Hang

Koon-Yui Poon

Amy Sie

Patsy Surh O'Connell

About Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association

Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association (WOCAA) was founded in Seattle in February 1994.  It is a non-profit Overseas Chinese Artists organization which was legally registered with the state government.  Currently the association has over sixty members which include professional painters, calligraphers, sculptors, photographers, computer graphic designers, architectures, art teachers and art lovers.

The Association holds all members meeting in conjunction with celebrating Chinese New Year in winter annually.  Artists will give demonstration after the meeting.   All the art works will then be put up for auction.  The generated funds primarily go to community non-profit organizations and secondarily support the day to day expenses of the association.   The members are very active in participating or sponsoring community art and cultural events.   WOCAA members participated in numerous Cultural Exchange events throughout the years.

To provide services according to WOCAA mission, we have been offering ongoing art classes, lectures and presentations to various communities.  The art classes include Chinese painting, calligraphy, western watercolor painting, drawing and photography.  The participants are from all age groups.  Our members are also active in public and environmental art projects.  By utilizing the connection with China, our association has invited several famous artists from China to give lectures in the greater Seattle area.

The birth of the WOCAA and all the activities we have had, reflect the good collective spirit of the Overseas Chinese Artists.  It surely brings to the communities some harmonious energy.  All we have done demonstrates our artists’ willingness to show appreciation and contribution to our communities.

Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association

515 7th Ave So. Seattle, WA  98104



Yoshiko Yamamoto

At the Arts Crafts Press,  Yoshiko makes note card and limited-edition block prints.  For all their printing, they use antique letterpress printing presses that date back to the early 20th century – anywhere from the 1890s to 1950s.  Using these presses, they hand-mix all the ink and print each color separately, with each layer of the color adding brilliance and vibrant to our simple designs.

Most of the designs are based on Yoshiko Yamamoto’s linoleum block prints.  A native of Tokyo and now living and enjoying operating an active printing studio in Tacoma, WA, Yoshiko first prepares watercolor sketches for her artwork before carving the linoleum blocks for printing.  For durability all of their note cards are printed from photo-polymer blocks.

From recycling to using soy-based inks, non-VOC solvents, biodegradable plastic, FSC-certified paper made with wind power, the possibilities are endless!

Her studio is located 2515B South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409


Asia Pacific Cultural Center
4851 South Tacoma Way | Tacoma, WA 98409
Telephone: (253)383.3900
Fax: (253)292-1551
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